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Lost and found [Feb. 18th, 2004|02:33 pm]
I forgot there was a blog out there with my name on it. Thank you google. Here it is, and I think it contains a few wonderful snapshots of a really great summer.

It's funny that me just typing gobbledygook (sp?) got so many comments. he he... Someone called it the best livejournal entry, and others thought I was disturbed or on drugs.

The sad truth is that I was probably uninspired to write anything and just pretended to type for a few mintutes... oh well...
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(no subject) [Oct. 11th, 2000|11:36 pm]
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It's my day off no longer [Jul. 19th, 2000|05:42 pm]
Yesterday was my day off. I watched 2/3 of the Will & Grace-a-thon last night with my friends Jon, Marvin, and Mary. Will & Grace was actually alot funnier than I remember it, but I'd still prefer a Just Jack show. Of course, Karen would still be on the show. I did see a Simpsons based that I hadn't seen yet. And I thought I'd seen them all. Oh well, it was a very funny show based on Bible stories as interpreted by different members of the Simpson household.

Later, I went to Tellers with Marvin & Mary. We basically reminisced about Reed and bitched about TIP stuff. It just struck me that in under a month I will be back in Portland. Ooh, I don't think I'm ready for that.

What else? I worked on yearbook stuff all day. I always work on my day off. For some reason, it seems like the only day that I can get real work done.

Jon just said he was thinking about moving to Portland. Weird. It would be fun though. I think everyone should move to where ever I happen to be. Keeping in touch would be alot easier that way.
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Sitting in the office [Jul. 13th, 2000|02:07 pm]
I'm currently chilling in the TIP office. Marvin and Margaret are playing Solarquest. Apparently, it is basically space Monopoly. Sounds intriguing.

I didn't wake up until around 10am this morning, so my morning seemed very short. It was imperative that I do laundry this morning, so I did. Actually, I still have some laundry down staris. I should do something about that. I also needed to clean my room and the air conditioning was temporarily out. Cleaning and being sweaty not my idea of a fun morning. Unfortunately, my room still isn't clean. ughh.

Luckily, my big purple couch is doing better. For a couple of days, I'd put air in the couch and by the next morning it would be sad and droopy. I think the cap to the main section needs to be screwed on super tight. The couch is doing a lot better--I haven't had to put air in it for around 3 days.

My new addition to the office is John Cusack wallpaper for the computer. I've downloaded a different file for each day of the week. I must say it is quite exciting.
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TIP, Casinos, and Converse a.k.a. So I can't keep a journal [Jul. 2nd, 2000|08:02 pm]
I meant to write in this thing during camp, but somehow it was never convenient enough. Currently, I'm on what I've termed hiatus. One session of TIP has ended and the other will begin in a few days. I'm oddly sad that first term has ended. Just when you start to really know lots of the kids, they go away. Odd. I'm not going to bore anyone with the details of the past three weeks because my blur of a memory will never do most of the interesting things justice.

I've been in Kansas City for the past two days with my mom. We didn't do most of the things we had planned on doing really but that is what made it fun. We spent the night at my mom's friend's house and visited my great uncle and aunt.

My uncle took my mom and me out to the casino to eat. I can't believe I've eaten at a casino twice in my lifetime and both time with family members. Somehow it just seems so wrong. Casinos shouldn't be family establishments they should be places run by the mob with all sorts of shady characters and deals taking place. Unfortunately, to lure the masses to gambling requires more play areas for the kids not more red light districts. Where's the fun in a McDonald's Playland with slot machines? Now maybe if the kids could gamble....

Also we went to the converse shoe outlet in Overland Park. I got two pairs of shoes--cobalt blue & lemon yellow all stars low tops. I've been missing my converse. This past year, I had like five different pairs of converses, but then they all started falling apart/wearing out at the same time. When I was packing to go home, I gave them to the Salvation Army, but of course, I shed a single tear in their memory. But now I'm back with snazzy new shoes.
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Cartoons, sleep, and work [May. 27th, 2000|01:51 pm]
I was watching cartoons this morning, and it seemed to me that cartoons are generally less enertaining than they were even 4 or 5 years ago. Maybe part of this is due to me being older, but I think they have just generally declined in quality. I think their use to be more cartoons that were enertaining to younger kids but also amused older kids and adults. I don't know maybe I just picked a bad morning to watch. Basically, I miss X-men, Animaniacs, Doug, and lots of others. It's kind of odd that there are so many good primetime cartoons--maybe that's where all the talent went.

I've been at my mom's house for the past 4 or 5 days. I've been sleeping in my sister's bedroom because she isn't here and I don't have a room here. In her room, the head of the bed is right by this window, and this makes me feel really weird about sleeping. I always sort of feel like someone could be watching me. I think it's making me self-conscious about sleeping. It's just a really weird thing to think about when you're trying to fall asleep. There have been I'll these nice thunderstorms at night. It's kind of fun to see lots of lightening. I never see that sort of thing in Portland. There it's just the gray sky and drizzle.

I start work in four days. Wow, that's scary! i can't believe I'm going to be in charge of supervising people. It's sort of an odd concepts. I hope it goes well. I'd hate to have people hate me. They haven't given me any concrete plans, and that kind of worries me.
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(no subject) [May. 20th, 2000|11:33 pm]
I'm at home right now. Nothing is happening here. I think it's funny that I expect things to be happening. When I actually lived here during high school, I always had something to do, even if was just going to school, and I also saw more people than just my family. Now I just sort of sleep, do the dishes, watch TV, and feel like I should be doing something more. It's interesting.

My sister came by the other night. She is working as a park ranger for the summer. It seems like a cool job, but the only bad part is that she lives around two hours away from me. We sort of have the same since of humor, so it's just fun whenever we around each other. I miss that connection sometimes. I think lots of people are really funhy, but alot of times when Annie makes a joke, I swear I was already thinking about it or I kick myself for not having thought it up myself. We tend to think alike and that's really, trully scary. It makes me feel somehow less me, a little bit less unique. We get along fabulously, so if I had to think like anyone else, it might as well be her.

She rented Fight Club. I had never seen it before, but I highly reccomend it. Actually, I'd heard from everyone that it was an excellent movie, and they were right. I was a bit skeptical because I thought a movie about a bunch of guys fighting each other could be good but probably not great. No one in telling me that this was an awesome really mentioned that it was about more than guys fighting or they did but were too vague to really convince me that it was about more than guys fighting. Well now I know it is much more. Sort of a probe into the (potetnial) psychological problems created in our society and how one person tries to cope and escape these problems. How's that for a one sentence summary that doesn't really say much? Once again, I highly recommend it, but I'll refrain from saying anything more for fear of ruining it for you.

I think I should go finish cleaning my room. Ever since I've been at college, my old room gets used as storage. Every other time I've come home, some effort has been made to clean it a little or at least make the bed. This time--nothing. Makes me feel a little bit unloved. I sort of feel like I'm intruding on someone else's space, but whatever I'm going to KU to start work in about 10 days, so I'm only sleeping there for a few more days.
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(no subject) [May. 18th, 2000|05:30 am]
Okay, so this is my first entry into this thing. At first, I thought it is sort of absurd to keep a journal online because a journal always seems so private. I guess I never kept one for more than 3 days, but in theory it seems very private. I think the online journal might be a fun (and easy) way to keep anyone who wants to know updated about my life with the major plus that I don't have to email everyone. I would feel horrible sending the same email to 10 people, so I always individualize by writing completely new emails. It is sort of fun to see how the same story turns out differently each time,but this method has the drawback that I never write people as often as I should. I really am sorry about not emailing more often, really.

Right now, I'm suffering from a little bit of insomnia. It always happens when I fly home. My sleep patterns are usually all messed up from packing late into the night, and then when I sleep on the plane, it's even worse. Oh well. I think I've finally worn myself out with all this typing.
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